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Our services
Each company, environment or work space demands a specific cleaning approach, and thus requires the use of adapted equipment and techniques.

This is the reason why we offer a large scale of services, which can be completed “as wished”.
Besides the regular cleaning services, we also offer more occasional services for special demands.

Office cleaning
Office cleaning Without any doubt, a clean and healthy work space contributes to the physical and moral well-being of your employees.
Our motivated and experienced teams keep your working environment perfectly clean, according to a schedule at your best convenience, and whatever type of floor or ceiling you have.
We do the maintenance and the cleaning of :
    Offices, meeting rooms, exposition rooms, reception rooms
    Bank offices
    Commercial areas
    Working areas and sanitaries
    School, hospitals, nursing homes, nurseries
Agro-alimentary sector
Agro-alimentary sector Alimentary hygiene and security are guaranteed by the meticulous cleaning of your equipment in accordance with the norms of your company.
We do the maintenance and the cleaning of :
    Refrigerators, machines
    Provision rooms
    Floors, walls, ceilings
Cleaning of IT equipment
Cleaning of IT equipment The regular maintenance of computer and office equipment increases their life span. Using specialized products, we desinfect and protect your office equipment without damaging it.
We do the maintenance and the cleaning of :
    Computers and printers
    Telephone and fax equipment
Window cleaning
Window cleaning Our specialized techniques enable us to give an additional shine to your windows in safety, whatever shape and size they have.
We do the maintenance and the cleaning of :
    Windows, stained glass, shop windows
    Mirrors, glass walls
    Window frames
Maintenance of the outside area
Maintenance of the outside area As it reflects the positive image of your company, the outside area has to look as clean as the inside area. That’s why we also do the maintenance of your outside area, according to your wishes.
We do the maintenance and the cleaning of :
    Entry roads
    Parkings, yards
    Car fleets
Maintenance of the green zones
Maintenance of the green zones Green zones are very precious today. Aware of the importance of the maintenance of parks and gardens,
we offer you the following services :
    Maintenance of lawns
    Pruning or felling of shrubs and hedges
    Weeding and moss removal
    Cleaning up leaves and waste
Total Quality Services / Multiservices
Total Quality Services / Multiservices The multiservice concept is part of our company’s strategy: you select yourself the services you are interested in, whether these consist of regular or occasional jobs.
We offer for example :
    Cleaning after building alteration, renovation or damage
   Relocation, small maintenance, preparation of conference or reception rooms
    Cleaning of carpets, ceilings, floors, lighting
    Renovations working, transformations and planning.


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